Wagner Protec 2K Mixing and Dosing System

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Modern high-performance corrosion protection and marine coatings are formulated with high and ultra high solid content – most of them are 2-component based. These coatings require an accurate proportioning and mixing of the resin with the hardener to ensure the chemical reaction which enables the mixture to harden and reach the expected chemical and mechanical properties.

The new WAGNER PROTEC 2K was specially developed for this application.

It takes over the precise dosing of the components as well as the elaborate and time-consuming mixing. You will be surprised how easy the system is to use. It operates almost as simple as a 1K piston pump!

The advantages are easy to see:

  • You save time because you don’t need to mix or stir any material
    in advance.
  • You save material because you mix only as much as you need.
  • You work without being concerned that the pot life will expire
    before completion of the coating.
  • You save time and material because you do not flush the entire
    system in case of a longer interruption of work, only the parts
    that contain mixed material will be flushed (mixing block, material
    hose, spray gun).
  • You avoid coating defects: The correct mixing ratio is determined
    by the system and guarantees the best possible coating quality.

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