Binks Maple Pump

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The Maple Pump is a horizontal piston pump for pumping solvent/waterborne paints, solvents and other suitable materials. The unit combines an energy efficient air motor with low shear fluid section technology from the range of Smart Electric Pumps.

The unit combines an energy efficient air motor with low shear fluid section technology from the range of Smart Electric Pumps.

The Maple Pump achieves a reciprocating drive by using high technology ground steel spool and sleeve air valves to control the air motor reversal, providing reciprocating motion. The patentedair valve design ensures a positive magnetic detent for the main and pilot air valves thus removing the possibility for a stall condition.

The air motor also utilises the patented Binks Low Ice quick exhaust technology to prevent air valve freezing conditions when high cycle speeds are employed. Equal thrust on each stroke due to the horizontal configuration incorporating the dual piston rod design gives a balanced fluid pressure output and reduces fluid pressure flucturations to a minimum.

The air pump is furnished with twin exhaust mufflers to control exhaust noise emission. An adapter kit is available to facilitate connection to a remote exhaust system if required.

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