Wagner Liquid Cobra

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Wagner Cobra® is the only high pressure pneumatic diaphragm pump on the market, suitable for airless and air coat applications up to 250bar and provides a drastic reduction in solvent consumption.

Cobra® is an exclusive high pressure double diaphragm pump suitable for Airless and AirCoat applications up to 250 bar.

Cobra® is the first high pressure pneumatic pump without packing. The lack of contact between the material and the external atmosphere (the pump is completely sealed), the absence of friction in the #uid section and the minimum shear make it perfect for any kind of material including the most critical ones such as reactive paints (UV paints, isocyanates, acrylics) or highly abrasive materials.

The pump works with extremely low pulsation and creates a uniform paint flow, achieving a perfect spray pattern and superb surface quality. With its minimized internal volumes, the pump is designed to greatly reduce solvent consumption and material waste during flushing and color-change operations.

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