Sames PPH 707-MS

PPH 707-MS Multispray - Multi-purpose robotic bell and guns
PPH 707-MS Multispray - Multi-purpose robotic bell and guns
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High performance atomiser for robotic applications, with the interchangeable gun to bell head this this atomiser offers the true flexibility required when upgrading from electrostatic gun to bell technology and all the validation, performance and paint savings there in.

Multispray is a functionality for electrostatic robotic atomizers, meant exclusively for solvent paints. The Multispray functionality will allow its user to validate with bell sprayers an all-electrostatic solution, including dusting, in order to reduce paint usage.

It combines, in a unique feature, the possibility to spray with a gun or with a bell from one same common body. The spray heads are manually and quickly interchanged to turn into the type of applicator required.

This most versatile tool, born from the famous SAMES PPH 707 series, is made of a main body (or manifold), which incorporates the air and fluid supplies and the HV cascade.

It is outfitted with a quick-disconnect feature which permits a quasi instantaneous tool change (manual operation): It can go from a bell sprayer PPH 707-MS to a single head gun PPH 707-MS-GUN in a matter of seconds and then back to a bell sprayer.

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