Kremlin Rexson Thor Pumps Range

kremlin Rexon Thor EXCITE PackagePFS - Click to download product brochure

Kremlin Rexson Thor & Xcite™ Package

Benefiting from KREMLIN REXSON know-how and field experience since 1925, the new Xcite™ gun brings outstanding operator comfort. Its ultra-light trigger, design, ergonomy and swivel fitting reduce operator fatigue, increase productivity and prevent any RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury). The new Xcite™ gun uses the highest quality components for a long lasting reliable performance.

The latest Xcite™ generation aircap brings unsurpassed finish quality.The sprayer has the ability to significantly vary the pattern without changing the tip while using minimum atomization air and pressure. This offers significant advantages for recessed or hard to reach areas while maintaining a perfect finish.

Advantages of Xcite™ Airmix®:

  • Increased productivity
  • Delivers extremely fast payback against old technologies
  • Up to 50{9a2a99b9bf24b96191160b01efe05aa54cc2e0864dfd5eff0915539c680e6320} savings in spray booth maintenance
  • Cleaner environment Operator protection
  • Higher transfer efficiency
  • Reduces wastes and eliminates unnecessary finishing steps
  • Easy to operate and adjust

kremlin Rexon Thor 63:1 EXCITE 400 PackagePFS - Click to download product brochure

Kremlin Rexson Thor 63:1 & Xcite™ Package

The KREMLIN REXSON THOR & Xcite™ package sets a new standard for full surface bonding applications.

Consisting of our powerful THOR 63-106 chop check extrusion mounted ram pump combined with our high transfer efficiency Xcite™ 400 AIRMIX® gun.

This gun and pump package handles the latest generation of sealant & adhesives directly from their original containers 5-55 gal (20 or 200 liters). The unrivalled power of atomization and accuracy AIRMIX® provides allows faster applications with minimum material overspray.


  • Excellent atomization quality and distribution of coating
  • Faster application time ► Increases productivity
  • Protects the environment ► Less waste (eliminates cartridge recycling)
  • Improved ergonomics for reduced RSI (repetitive strain injuries)
  • No additional investment required (spray booth)