Tria Pro45 Reversable Spray Tip System

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TRIA Pro45 – the exciting new way to get the very best from your choice of leading Airless Air Assisted spray guns.

TRIA Pro45 is a patented Swiss design developed for the air assisted airless spray system which has become today’s most important industrial spray finishing method.

TRIA Pro45 will increase your system efficiency, reduce downtime and improve performance and do so without the problem of changing your system.

Upgrade your system now and make immediate savings.


  • Clears blockages fast
  • Cuts production time loss
  • Reduces rejects
  • Stay clean aircap due to the patented system
  • Superior finishes – spit free function and excellent control
  • Reduces bounce and blow back with optimum atomisation
  • Allows use of the smallest tip orifice for the best results without fear of blockages
  • Saves paint by using the optimum tip size
  • Reduces environmental pollution
  • Choice of Premium Standard, or Superfine tips for the ultimate finish
  • MWP 280bar (4400psi)

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