Recirculating Y Block with Flow Restrictor

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Many fluids contain particles or solids that should be continually mixed to maintain the fluid’s consistency and adhesion characteristics e.g. high solid, metallic or zinc based coatings.

Recirculation is a means of suspension control; a process used to maintain the fluid within the system as it was designed by the material manufacturer and to help prevent the settling out of the particles or solids found in these fluids.

Solid paint particles may clog filters and other system components, resulting in damaged equipment or wasted time to clean the system and settling may lead to application problems for example, in the automotive industry settling can cause colour match issues from one part of a vehicle to another.

The 78-145/27 mounted to the fluid connection inlet not only enables the recirculation of fluids but has the added benefit of an integrated outlet flow restrictor that can be set, and locked, with the use of a special tool allowing line managers to ensure correct, tamper-free, set up.

  • Anodised marine grade aluminium – lightweight; minimizing RSI risk
  • Material compatibility – body, PTFE seals and stainless steel connections are suitable for solvent and water based materials
  • Outlet flow restrictor – Allows full trigger action for pre-set material flow, further minimising risk of RSI

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