Dust table – workbench for dust vacuuming

Dust table - workbench for dust vacuumingDust table - workbench for dust vacuumingClick to return to the Ardesia page

This type of bench is indicated for the suctioning and removal of dust from sanding. It is built with galvanized press-folded sheet iron.

The main feature of this bench is the filtration of dust through aluminized polyester antistatic cartridges. The bench is equipped with a timed self-cleaning system of the cartridges with jets of compressed air .The dust is deposited in 2 removable trays. The outgoing air is further filtered through acrylic fiber cells.

Standard equipment:  

  • Centrifugal electrical fan
  • Aluminized polyester cartridges
  • Cells with acrylic filter output
  • Dust collecting drawers
  • Electrical panel IP55
  • Scratchproof fillets
  • Micro safety switch compartment
  • Timed self-cleaning system of filter with compressed air

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